This policy is the Badgers and Jam general Safety Policy. Individual games may refine this according to more specific requirements, and any game-specific policy should be considered to supersede this one, but where no specific policy exists for an individual game, this policy will apply.

This document is constantly evolving and we welcome any constructive feedback to help us improve it.

This document should be seen as setting a tone for the kind of events we wish to facilitate. We will use our own judgement in how it is implemented in any given circumstance – specifically, as with any set of rules, we will attempt ensure that they are implemented to the spirit they imply, not the letter they are written by.

Violations of this policy will be handled according to our general incidents policy.


All rules apply at live events and in any online medium connected with Badgers and Jam events.

A responsible space

Much of LARP is an inherently risky space – games can involve strong emotions, adult themes, dramatic conflict, and a certain amount of physical activity. It is therefore difficult to guarantee that a game can be a completely ‘safe space’. For this reason, Badgers and Jam prefer the term ‘responsible spaces’, indicating that all participants are asked to act in a responsible and respectful manner, and to prioritise their safety and that of those around them.

We take all steps we can to ensure the safety of our game spaces, and provide a number of tools and policies to help with this, but owing to the nature of the events we facilitate, it is impossible for us to issue guarantees of safety or even staff oversight of all aspects of games, and so the onus is on participants to use the tools and policies, and their own judgement, in order to be responsible for their own safety.

We will have no hesitation in removing anyone acting in an irresponsible or unsafe manner from our events.

Missing stairs

Please note that as part of our efforts towards safety, we will consider participants actions outside of Badgers and Jam events. If participant A has done something in another space that would make participant B feel unsafe at an event with them, and it is flagged to us as an issue in advance of the event, we will exclude participant A from events that participant B has booked onto. In the event that this is not apparent until the event itself (if tickets were booked for one or both people by a third party), we will issue refunds to participant A but they will be unable to participate. We regret the need for a policy this absolute.


All Badgers and Jam events will make use of the Cut and Brake safewords, and the OK check-in.

Cut and Brake

Anyone (player or organiser) may invoke any of these at any time, without being expected to give reasons unless they wish to do so. All participants are expected to respect these without question, and anyone failing to do so may be removed from the event.

“Cut” – This should be used to indicate a need to stop play at once. Anyone hearing a call of Cut should immediately cease playing and if possible work together out of character to resolve the situation. This can apply to issues of both emotional and physical safety – that is, it is as valid to make a call of “Cut” because someone is uncomfortable to the point that they need to remove themselves from activity immediately and without discussion, as it is to call “Cut” because someone has a physical injury.

“Brake” – This should be used to indicate that someone is approaching a personal limit, and that they do not wish to go further than this. Participants can continue play, but should ensure that the physical or emotional intensity of the situation does not escalate further, and take steps to reduce the intensity of the situation as fast as possible.

The OK check-in

Player 1 flashes the “OK” symbol ā€” with the thumb and index finger touching in an “O” and the other three fingers extended upward ā€” to another player and establishes eye contact. This gesture means “Are you okay?”

Player 2 can respond to the signal with one of three responses:

  1. a. Thumbs-up, which means “Iā€™m fine.”
  2. b. Thumbs-down, which means “I am not okay.” Player 1 should respond by asking out of character if Player 2 would like to stop, take a break, or otherwise pause.
  3. c. Flat hand, which means “I am not sure.” Player 1 should still respond by asking if Player 2 would like to stop, take a break, or otherwise pause.
  4. Unfortunately, the practical limitations of a single-room venue mean we will not have a designated out of character space. Any players who need to a break are encouraged to find a ref who will be happy to sit with them outside the venue if need be.

    Physical safety

    Hannigan’s does not involve any simulated contact with weapons or other forms of simulate violence.

    Participants should not make physical contact of any kind with other participants without obtaining their express consent out of character beforehand. It is always completely acceptable for participants to withhold their consent.

    Sexual harassment

    Sexual harassment of other participants is unacceptable in any form at our events. We encourage anyone who experiences sexual harassment at the hands of another participant or organiser to report it, so that we can take appropriate action.

    Behaviours that constitute sexual harassment may include, but are not limited to:

    • Repeatedly making inappropriately sexual jokes, pranks, teasing, or innuendo.
    • Touching or grabbing of a sexual nature, or verbal abuse.
    • Repeatedly standing too close to or brushing up against a person.
    • Repeatedly asking a person to socialise out of character after they have clearly indicated a lack of interest in doing so.

    Victims and perpetrators of sexual harassment may be of any gender.

    Please note that ‘in character’ harassment is still harassment, and will be treated as such.

    Criminal behaviour

    Participants are expected to comply with all UK laws during events. Anyone behaving in a criminal manner at an event will be removed from the event and reported to the police.