Tickets are priced at £20.00 per person.  This will cover admission to the event, and a number of props (rings, IC money and a graduation certificate that players are welcome to keep).

You may book tickets at this link.

Tickets will remain on sale until the 6th of April.  In the event that we sell out we will operate a waiting list for players who were unable to get a ticket, in case anyone drops out.

Once tickets have been booked, we will send out a survey in which you will be asked to pick a first, second and third preference from some simple summaries of pre-generated characters, and characters will be allocated (as far as possible) in line with those choices. You will also be offered a chance to indicate a character type you would prefer not  to play.

Please note that a number of these characters will have had pre-existing sexual relationships, but will not have genders assigned prior to casting, meaning that the characters may have sexual orientations that you do not share. If you would find this a problem, we would politely suggest you not book for Hannigans.

If you would prefer to play a character who has no significant prior sexual or romantic history at all, we will offer you the opportunity to indicate this, although it may limit your possible character options.

We are aware that there are people in the community that others would prefer not to be in a game with.  We strongly encourage anyone booking to use our booking form to indicate anyone that applies to so we can turn them away if required – you do not need to give reasons, and this will be held in strictest confidence. 

As an additional safeguard, we will release a list of OC names of those booked prior to the event to all players.  Players will be asked to keep this confidential, and we will delete the released document after the event.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.