The Character Tropes

The Jock : A perfectly reasonable magician but really shines on the lacrosse field. Is being sponsored by the Hannigan family.

The Nerd: From a mundane family, finds magic excruciatingly difficult but excels through hard work. Rarely seen at social occasions, it’s assumed this is because they’ve always got their nose in a book.

The Dropout: Left Hannigan’s partway through their first year, no-one really knows why as they seemed to be doing just fine. Most everyone in the year has a rumour about where they went next.

The Stoner: More or less constantly under the influence of something mundane or magical, but then again why try when you’re incredibly talented anyway.

Most Likely to Succeed: A very gifted students, everything always seems to line up in just the best way for them. Has big plans for making their mark on the Magical community after graduation.

The Rich Kid: Consider ‘New Money’ in the magic community with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove.

The Legacy: The end of the Bradbury line, one of the oldest magical families in the United States. The family have fallen on hard times recently and their once empire is crumbling to dust.

The Mature Student: Was not spotted as having potential until later in life as they were home schooled, has spent much more time in the ‘real world’ that most magicians and has been found Hannigan’s a real shock to the system.

The Life of the Party: With an aura of effortless cool, they’re where everyone wants to be without even trying. They always seem to be having a good time, and staying with them is a guarantee you’ll have one too.

Most Likely to Come Back to School as a Teacher: Has always said that they’ll be the next Dean of the academy,  has been saying since they’re first year what they’ll do different once they’re in charge.

The Genius: Natural aptitude and a desire to work hard means this student has been tipped for the top since day one, but that ambition might come with a price.

The Popular One: Everyone likes them, whether they want to or not. Always smiling, at least when someone’s looking.

The Campus King/Queen: Head of the largest Greek house on campus. Has less of an interest in magic and plans on making their fortune in the mundane world.

The Clown: The middle of a large family of magicians but inherited barely any innate talent. They use their quick humour and knack for practicals jokes to keep their classmates distracted, it’s worked for the past three years at least.

The Perpetual Academic: Graduated two years ago but after a year out in the ‘real world’  they returned to continue their studies.

The Politician: Their uncle is a senator but their name doesn’t mean so much at Hannigans. Has been actively involved in student politics throughout their time at the academy.

Most Likely to Quote ‘The Good Book’: Firmly believes that magic is evidence of a divine power and has been trying to prove as much.

The Party Monster: Every night’s a cause for celebration when your mother’s a tenured professor and i’s just about impossible to get thrown out. Somehow they’ve just about passed all their classes.

The Shy Kid: The only Hannigan currently attending the academy. Only really noticed for not being noticed, at first it was put down to shyness but some are beginning to suspect its a deliberate snub.

Most Likely to Become a Dark Wizard: The clue really is in the name, has never done been caught doing anything bad enough to merit an intervention but has been toeing the line.

The Trendsetter: Always knows what’s cool before its going to be, a genuine interest in music, fashion.

Most Likely to Disappear: Joined Hannigan’s two years later than expected after they took some time out to go ‘travelling’ but just where they were and what they were doing remains a mystery. Part of an old magician family.

The Younger Sibling: The outgoing younger sibling of ‘The Nerd’ who has joined them to celebrate their final night before graduation, they’re tipped to be joining next year’s class.

The Writer: An aspiring author, always has their notebook in hand, observing everyone and using it as inspiration for their next story.

Most Likely to Get You What You Need: An exchange student with a diplomat father, uses their connections to smuggle in some of the more illicit substances that find their way into Hannigan’s.

The Socialite: Considered a minor celebrity both within the magical community and in real world society circles. A well known philanthropist, usually seen doing good in the pages of a glossy magazine.

Most Likely to Get Raided by the FBI: Always has some scheme or another running, usually a way to get rich quick or get away with doing the least work possible with the maximum reward. Incredibly clever with these scams though.

The Artist: A very talented musicians and magician, has played every big party on campus and is constantly being told that they’ll be the next ‘big thing’. Whatever that means.

The Class Parent: Has always been seen as a truly caring figure, their classmates were much more likely to go to them with a problem than anyone else. This of course means they know an awful lot of secrets, but they’ll keep them close to their chest…

The Criminal: The fact that they haven’t been arrested or expelled is nothing short of a miracle, they’ve been suspended more times than anyone cares to count.

The Unpopular One: The Blair name is infamous within the magic community. That has been a heavy mantle to carry for the last 3 years. But their family still insist they come into the business.